We cover a wide and varied range of plumbing and solar services. In the domestic sector we will design and install all your plumbing and solar requirements. We can bring you from the design of your system through to completion with absolute comfort and piece of mind, knowing your getting the best service possible. We will meet with you and discuss all your requirements. We will provide you with all the relevant information you require and advise you on the most efficient system for you.

On our Commercial and Industrial projects, We cover a wide and varied aspect of Solar and Plumbing.
Some of our commercial plumbing includes:

  • large water storage tanks,
  • break tanks,
  • booster sets,
  • Colorifers,
  • Firemains,
  • compressed airlines ,
  • Hdpe electric fusion pipe,
  • Coppertec,
  • Matpress pipe,

We work very closely with many Mechanical Consultants, Engineers Architects and builders. We have always had an excellent and professional relationship with all of these people.

Ultimately together we strive to complete on schedule the very best project possible for our Clients.


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